A. Szilagyi, Ph.D. provides support to NSL Satellites LTD through its Board of Advisers. The information below is provided by NSL Satellites LTD who is solely responsible for its content.

NSL Satellites wins Space Florida- Israel fund with Micro Aerospace Solutions, Inc.of Florida.

 NSL provides satellite manufacturers with unprecedented large aperture expandable Antennas for satellite telecommunications. With materials advancements and technology from L’Garde Inc, NSL can provide light weight expandable antennas that are compact when stowed in the satellite. Along with lower launch costs due to less mass and volume, benefits include high bandwidth for faster internet, HDTV and in-flight connectivity, and more subscribers for the bandwidth providers.

The antenna has an innovative “smart” sub reflector system enabling to compensate for any reflector shape imperfections and optimize performance.

Customer Problem: Exponential demand growth for communication bandwidth compels satellite owners and manufacturers to continually seek more efficient ways to increase satellite bandwidth and throughput. Launchers are limited in size, thus limiting antenna size on the satellite, and antennas are rigid and heavy with complex mechanisms and many failure points.

Customers: NSL Business customers include aerospace, defense, and commercial satellite and spacecraft developers. The main bandwidth providers are owners of the satellites (Inmarsat, Intelsat, SES, Eutelsat), and the manufacturers (Loral, Boeing,IAI, Lockheed Martin, MDA) are continuously seeking cutting edge technologies to win proposals. LOI’s have been provided from Lockheed and SpaceCom. Small satellite and cubesat developers can benefit from a high band reflector, able to download bit rates never before achieved with small spacecraft.

NSL is the only company developing a platform that combines all the technologies, including the unique combination of the expandable reflector and the “Smart” feed system. IP searches indicate several possible patents. The team’s proven space technology development ability and strong business knowledge combined with L’Garde as a strategic partner ensures success.

NSL graphic big

Under the Florida Fund, both companies will jointly develop a cubesat communication system, (suitable to larger satellites) with high bandwidth reflector.

The project in its 3rd year will test the technology on board the International Space station.

For more information please contact:

Daniel Rockberger: danielrockberger@yahoo.co.uk

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